About us
La Valletta farm was founded in the mid-eighties of the 1900s, from an idea by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti who, backed by a long-standing tradition, conceived of a new way of farming, i.e. making total product authenticity the underlying condition of their business, a choice which has distinguished their path to success from the very beginning.
When their children Alessandro and Rosalba joined the farm, the business was taken to the next level with their modern managerial concept which, always respectful of tradition, has lead to considerable development as well as to the market placement of the entire broad range of products available in the catalogue.
From the original 15 hectares of land under family ownership, the farm now extends over 150 hectares of crops, located mostly in the Colfiorito plateau, at an altitude of approximately 800 meters, in the heart of the Umbria-Marche Apennines.
Along with almost thirty years of experience, La Valletta boasts the production, selection and marketing of pulses and grains, making it one of the leading businesses in its sector.
This respect for local traditions, the quality of the products that offer "ancient flavours", and their careful placement on the market, have led La Valletta products to be requested in the best kitchens and specialised shops.
La Valletta is synonymous with quality guaranteed by an exclusively in-house production process, from harvest to packaging, allowing you to appreciate products that capture the flavour of the Umbrian land, a land rich in history and tradition, the green heart of Italy.